Preferred Suppliers



Systemic Architecture

Systemic is a Calgary based architect company.


Inertia Corporation

Inertia is a Calgary based design, drafting and consulting company. Our clients range from developers and builders to architects and owners.

Interior Designers

Holland Deign

Holland Design House

Sisters Jocelyne and Jaime Holland are the founders of Holland Design. Both Interior Designers; Jocelyne and Jaime spent the first portion of their careers working on separate sides of the world from one another before both taking on positions at the same Calgary based commercial architecture firm. It wasn’t long until the dynamic duo realized they were better together and joined forces to create what is now a reputable Interior Design firm. Shortly after opening their doors, Associate and Creative Director Kendell Woo joined the Holland Design team. Today Holland Design is a successful and bustling studio, specializing in commercial, hospitality, wellness and residential design.




Shutter Maxx was created with the intention of providing the best online photo imagery and helping promote properties for maximum visual impact. Shutter Maxx offers structured, affordable pricing depending on the property, its location and whether a daylight or twilight shoot is chosen. We offer 24 hour turnaround on all edited photoshoots, optional walkthrough video’s with links for your own website to promote, property is promoted through Shutter Maxx on your own personal page for maximum exposure.



Located in Calgary, Alberta where we are pleased to provide a wide range of services to meet all your Virtual Tour needs. We travel for large jobs anywhere in Canada, and are part of a large Network of Virtual Tour Providers world-wide. Using only the finest virtual tour software and hardware, no matter where your job is, we can get it done!

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