Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Class What is Required

What Does An iMeasure Franchise Cost?

The costs vary based on size and location. Population plays a factor in a million-plus city on can do very well so franchise fees are higher with a lower populated area say 100,000 there may not be enough population to support a person fulltime, initial costs range from $20,000 to $60,000

Financing is available and special programs for retired and new-traditional

There are payment options available to assist you on your way. These can start at $834 a month.

We are Growing

iMeasure is expanding, the survey industry is expanding.

Architecture: are finding out sourcing survey companies help them to focus their time on client needs and in house work.

Real Estate: Mandatory house and condo measurements for realtor listings are a very soon possibility. The simple fact that false advertising the wrong square footage is against the law and there are many example law suits not to mention a conflict of interest for realtors to copy a previous listing’s information or try to measure their own listing.


Power of a Brand

We have established great success in western Canada already. Using national advertising, acrobat(?) reputation, and an increasing demand in the industry

Our Benefits

National advertising, a powerful website removing redundancy from the work process saving time and money. “Training anywhere”

Owning a Franchise

Be your own boss, schedule your own hours, meet new people every day, these are just some of the benefits through your pc or mobile device you access the training database for all your questions and check lists.

Get Started

There are locations available across North America for both small and large markets. We are early in the game.

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